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The accrediation process for the 2018 Hero Caribbean Premier League is open. If you wish to cover matches in 2018 you will need to follow the process below and be aware of the terms under which your pass has been issued. 

Please carefully note the following information:

1.     To apply for accreditation, you will need to submit a high-resolution passport size photo along with the Hero CPL 2018 Accreditation Application Form. Without both the photograph and the form your application will not be processed. This will then need to be sent to Leisel Douglas on An editable version of the application form or this can be downloaded here

2.     Please rename the photo to the name of the person in the photo and insert the name of the media house as well.

3.     Make sure that a contact number and email address for the person applying along with the contact details of the commissioning editor and media house are on the form. 

4.     Each media house will be granted a maximum of 6 media accreditations. No exceptions will be allowed.

5.     Even though 6 media accreditations are granted per media house, only 2 persons will be granted access on match days for written press and 3 persons granted access on match days for television.

6.     Please indicate which country or countries you would like access to be granted for, including the playoffs and final. Accreditation for the final will be confirmed in the week leading up to the knockout matches as space will be at a premium. Acceptance of your accreditation request does not guarantee admission to the final. This will be confirmed separately. 

7.     Accreditation passes are strictly NON-TRANSFERABLE.Any media that give their pass to another person will be asked to leave the ground and will have their accreditation, and the accreditation of the media house they represent, revoked. 

8.     Due to limited space within the Media Centre, allocations have been assigned to each media house. Please ensure your internal arrangements comply with these. Once these spaces are filled, no more representatives from your media house will be allowed in.

9.     Media accreditation permits access to the Media Centre ONLY, entry into patron stands, field of play and other areas is NOT allowed. 

10.  The Media Centre will open two (2) hours prior to the start of the match and will remain open until 90minutes after the match.

11.  Refreshments, WI-FI and TV screens will be available for working media inside the Media Centre.

12.  At the end of the match, those media persons wishing to attend the post-match interview will be given 5 minutes’noticebefore being escorted from the front of the Media Centre to the on-field post-match area.

13.  An overflow media area in the stand may also be available with access to the Media Centre facilities at certain venues, you will be advised of whether such an area is in force when you arrive at the ground.

14.  Non-accredited persons will NOTbe allowed into the Media Centre or the overflow seats under any circumstances.

15.  Unauthorized persons found in the Media Centre will be immediately escorted out by security.

16.  Any person/persons found recording live footage of the match will be given a first warning; a second offence will lead to removal from the stadium and accreditation will be revoked. This will be enforced vigorously, and all media are advised to note this stipulation of their media accreditation.

Please contact us via e-mail on or if you have any questions or queries. We look forward to welcoming you to the Hero CPL 2018 and thank you for your ongoing coverage of the tournament.





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